Passo a Passo (listen on SoundCloud), Kaproff’s hit bossa nova tune, is about to reach 800,000 plays on Spotify! He’s currently busy promoting additional material from Brazilian songstress Bianca Rossini’s album MEU AMOR. Also, check out his just released indie music video Waiting For You (Veterans Day Mix) featuring Jon Robert Hall. The track is now available on iTunes and elsewhere.

In addition to his score for Showtime’s GRINGO (as highlighted in the “FEATURED” section), Kaproff recently completed composing assignments for director Beth Levison and IFF (International Flavor & Fragrance Inc.), Jackson Labs, ViewFoo, and Room 608’s soon to be released feature documentary BURIED IN BURMA.

Marking his directorial debut, Kaproff’s film, A CHILD’S FATE, has now been officially launched by the United Nations on its website and distributed worldwide. He’s currently in development on additional UN projects.